There are certain types of development that don't need planning permission - they are known as 'permitted development'.

Usually they are small-scale works.

If you believe a development is permitted, you should apply for a certificate of lawfulness - this is the only way to get a legally binding document on whether a proposed or existing use of land does not need planning permission.

* Remember this is only about planning and does not cover building regulations.

How much will it cost?

        For a proposed use or development:

        The cost is half of the planning application costs.

        For an existing use or development:

        If you have already made a change, the cost is the same as a full planning application.


Getting a certificate of lawfulness has a number of benefits;

        *  It is a planning determination with legal status

        *  It gives certainty to the landowner/developer and anyone who might buy the land/buildings

        *  It can help in the sale of a house showing that an extension, for example, is lawful


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